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Garden Planting in St Albans

It's time to transform your outdoor area with our garden planting expertise


Our Professional Garden Planting Services in St Albans

Our gardening enthusiasts at St Albans Landscaping Team are dedicated to our craft, specialising in garden planting.

Our team’s hunger for flora, paving, and creating captivating landscapes positions us as the ideal choice to transform your outdoor garden space.

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Garden Planting is What We Love To Do

Crafting splendid gardens goes beyond work; it’s our genuine devotion. Our deep-rooted passion fuels our every project and piece of turf we lay, infusing each garden with a distinctive charm and tailored approach.

Whether you envision a tranquil back garden sanctuary or a lively front garden paradise, rely on us to breathe life into your garden dreams, backed by our expertise and unwavering commitment.

What's Included in Our Garden Planting Services

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Why Choose Us For Your Garden Planting Services in St Albans

Our commitment is simple! To provide outstanding Garden Planting services to the city of St Albans.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of landscapers strive for one standard and one standard only… Professional!

10+ Landscaping Services

Offering over 10+ landscaping services is another reason why we are the team to bring your next project to life.

Personalised Service

The way you envision your dream garden is the way we build your dream garden. Personal to you.

What Makes Our Garden Planting Services Different

What distinguishes our garden planting services is our commitment to infusing every project with a touch of magic! We refuse the idea of the “same old” solutions and instead aim to deliver something special for each of our St Albans customers. 

Moreover, our team’s desire for sustainable landscapes puts us in a league of our own. Our aspiration is to craft gardens that not only captivate the eye but also breath biodiversity. This way, your garden becomes a harmonious, environmentally-conscious sanctuary of beauty.

How are Garden Planting Services can help you

Our devotion to garden planting doesn’t just transform your outdoor space; it’s a labour of love that aims to ease your burden and alleviate your worries. Entrust us, the dedicated experts, to take the reins, saving you valuable time and sparing you from unnecessary stress. It’s what we love to do!

Ready To Transform Your Outdoor Space?

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Janzell Bal
Janzell Bal
Can't recommend the st Alban's landscaping team enough for the massive improvements made
Christy Torrens
Christy Torrens
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ben and the others at St Albans landscaping team for all the good work and help they provided doing my patio from start to finish they was there to help
Keira Garforth
Keira Garforth
Really impressed with Ben and the team they landscaped my entire back garden and laid a 6x4 meter patio. They were very friendly and I’m extremely happy with their work. I definitely recommend them for all landscaping work. Thanks St Albans Landscaping Team


Most Popular Questions About Our Garden Planting Services

The ideal time to plant a garden largely depends on your location and the types of plants you want to grow. In many parts of the uk, spring is a popular time for planting as the soil begins to warm up. However, some plants thrive when planted in the winter. It’s essential to research your specific plant varieties and consider your local climate for the best timing.

Selecting the right plants involves considering factors like the climate, soil type, sun exposure, and really its down to personal preference especially when you bring in aesthetics. The look of a garden is very important for many people more over than the function of the garden. 

Soil Preparation: Ensure your soil is well-prepared by testing and amending it as needed for proper drainage and nutrient levels.

Spacing: Plant your seeds or seedlings at the recommended spacing to avoid overcrowding and competition for resources.

Watering: Water your garden consistently, providing adequate moisture without overwatering.

Mulching: Apply mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate temperature.

Maintenance: Regularly monitor your garden for pests and diseases, and provide necessary care such as pruning, fertilising, and staking to support plant growth and health.