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Garden Turfing in St Albans

Experience the transformation of your outdoor haven with our expertise in turf laying.


Our Professional Turf Laying Services in St Albans

In the heart of St. Albans, our landscaping team is not just about work; it’s about pouring our hearts into what we do.

We are truly passionate about transforming spaces through the skill of our turf laying. For us, it’s not a job; it’s a labour of love. 

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Turf Laying is What We Do Best

Turf laying isn’t just a profession for us; it’s our heartfelt calling. Every roll of grass we lay carries with it our passion and love for the craft.

Each sod becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of your outdoor dreams, a masterpiece personally tailored to exactly what you imagined. Whether you want for a snug back garden haven lined with secure fencing or a lively front garden escape, rest assured that our expertise, coupled with our genuine care, will breathe life into your vision.

What's Included in Our Turf Laying Services

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Why Choose Us For Your Turf Laying Services in St Albans

Our commitment is simple! To provide outstanding Turf Laying services to the city of St Albans.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of landscapers strive for one standard and one standard only… Professional!

10+ Landscaping Services

Offering over 10+ landscaping services is another reason why we are the team to bring your next project to life.

Personalised Service

The way you envision your dream garden is the way we build your dream garden. Personal to you.

What Makes Our Turf Laying Services Different

What truly makes our turf laying services is our commitment and dedication to infusing every landscape project with a deeply personal touch. We firmly refuse the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we strive for artistry, meticulously customising each turf installation to mirror your unique preferences, and requirements, to match your outdoor space.

Our team’s passion for sustainability and environmental protection sets us apart from other landscaping companies.

How are Turf Laying Services can help you

Our turf-laying services go beyond beautifying your outdoor area; they offer you convenience and peace of mind. Trust us, the experienced experts, to handle the hard work for you.

We’re passionate about transforming your outdoor space into a functional, dreamy retreat that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Not only will this enhance your property’s curb appeal, but it will also make your home the talk of the neighbourhood, leaving your neighbours envious of your lush, green lawn.

Ready To Transform Your Outdoor Space?

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Janzell Bal
Janzell Bal
Can't recommend the st Alban's landscaping team enough for the massive improvements made
Christy Torrens
Christy Torrens
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ben and the others at St Albans landscaping team for all the good work and help they provided doing my patio from start to finish they was there to help
Keira Garforth
Keira Garforth
Really impressed with Ben and the team they landscaped my entire back garden and laid a 6x4 meter patio. They were very friendly and I’m extremely happy with their work. I definitely recommend them for all landscaping work. Thanks St Albans Landscaping Team


Most Popular Questions About Our Turf Laying Services

The ideal time to lay your turf depends on your location and the type of grass you’re using. Generally, early winter and late spring are best because the weather is cooler and there’s typically more rainfall. 

Soil preparation is crucial for successfully laying your turf. Start by removing any existing grass and weeds. Then, aerate the soil to ensure good drainage and root penetration. Test the soil’s pH and makes changes if it necessary. Finally, level and compact the soil to create a smooth, even surface.

After laying your turf, it’s important to water it thoroughly to help the roots establish. Keep the soil consistently moist for the first few weeks. Avoid walking on the new turf for a few weeks to prevent damage. Gradually introduce regular mowing and fertilisation as the turf matures.