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Does a landscaped garden add value to your home

Does a Landscaped Garden Add Value to Your Home? Insights from Property Experts

Posted by Peter | Updated May, 2024 | 10 Min Read Time

At a glance: 

  • If your landscaping has been carried out to a high standard while improving your garden’s function and aesthetic appeal, it can potentially increase the value of your property by up to 20%.


Key takeaways: 

    • Landscaped gardens can significantly boost property value.
    • Garden improvements often offer better returns than other renovations.
    • The size and quality of gardens influence the added value.

Landscaping a garden has increasingly been recognised as a beneficial investment for homeowners looking to enhance the value of their property. A well-maintained and aesthetically appealing garden not only adds to the curb appeal but can also have a significant impact on the market value of a home.

Studies have illustrated that a landscaped garden can increase property value by a considerable margin, with some research suggesting it could be by as much as 20%.

A gardener with a hedge trimmer in a beautiful garden

If Your Landscaping Has Been Carried Out To A High Standard While Improving Your Garden's Function And Aesthetic Appeal, It Can Potentially Increase The Value Of Your Property by 20%.

Looking to increase the value of your property then landscaping your garden might be the answer?

The value added to a property by landscaping can often exceed the returns on other home improvements such as kitchen renovations or the addition of a conservatory.

Prospective buyers typically find great appeal in outdoor spaces that have been thoughtfully designed and maintained—a trend that is reflected in the way these features are valued in the housing market.

Moreover, the size and quality of the garden landscaping can also play a role in how much value is added to the property.

The Impact of Landscaped Gardens on Property Value

Landscaped gardens can significantly increase a property’s marketability and value, offering a competitive edge in the real estate market. Highlighted features, like patios and well-kept lawns, can command a higher value for homeowners.

Market Trends and Homebuyer Preferences

In the UK, estate agents acknowledge a growing trend among homebuyers who value outdoor space highly. A well-designed garden not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also reflects the lifestyle homeowners aspire to. Such garden improvements are often deemed a worthwhile investment as they contribute to the overall property value. For instance, a study by Post Office Money shows that a landscaped garden could potentially raise property value by up to 20%.

Comparative Advantage in Real Estate Listings

Properties featuring landscaped gardens tend to stand out in real estate listings, garnering more interest. Outdoor spaces serve as an extension of living space, and a beautifully landscaped garden can set a property apart. According to Acorn Gardening, an average garden improvement could lead to an average house value increase of £17,157, based on the national average.

Garden Features That Maximise Value

Specific garden features can maximise the added value to a property. A nicely presented garden alone can add up to 20% to the house value. Features such as a seamless patio, sophisticated garden lighting, and functional outdoor space are key elements that attract prospective buyers seeking quality garden space and are willing to pay a premium for it. A study highlighted by This is Money found that properties with larger gardens can sell for significantly more than those with smaller or less well-kept outdoor spaces.

Considerations for Enhancing Garden Appeal

When embarking on the journey of enhancing garden appeal, homeowners should focus on meticulous design and planning, choosing suitable materials and plants, and weighing the initial investment against the prospective long-term value enhancement.

Design and Planning for Aesthetic and Practicality

To create a visually stunning and practical outdoor space, a well-thought-out design is critical. Homeowners should consider enlisting a professional garden designer to formulate a solid vision that harmonises aesthetics and functionality. This might include strategic placement of patios for entertaining, pathways to direct movement, or artificial grass to reduce maintenance.

  • Garden Zones: Divide the space into areas for dining, relaxing, and storage.
  • Privacy & Security: Incorporate fences and security lighting for privacy and safety.

Selecting the Right Materials and Plants

The selection of materials and plants greatly influences the longevity and appearance of the garden. High-quality paving slabs and a sturdy deck can offer durability and style, while the right mix of shrubs, trees, and flower beds can create a year-round aesthetically pleasing scene.

  • Materials: Opt for materials that complement the home’s exterior and withstand weather conditions.
  • Plants: Choose plants that thrive in the local climate and align with the owner’s preferences.

Balancing Upfront Costs and Long-Term Gains

While a landscaped garden can add value to a property, homeowners should balance the initial garden landscaping costs with the expected benefits. Investments in high-impact features like water features or outdoor lighting can make a significant difference in appeal, potentially leading to higher property values.

  • Budget: Establish a budget that accommodates both immediate desires and long-term financial plans.
  • Installation & Maintenance: Understand the cost of installing garden elements and their ongoing maintenance requirements, such as those for a garden shed or office.


Natural garden path through bushes


In assessing the impact of a landscaped garden on property value, one central facet stands out: the potential of outdoor enhancements to significantly increase the perceived value of a home. Incorporating beautiful flower beds, constructing a sturdy deck, creating a welcoming patio, or introducing tranquil water features can transform an outdoor space into a compelling selling point.

An investment in garden landscaping should be strategically considered, weighing the initial cost against the potential return. For instance, an average landscaping project may cost around £2,750, whereas more extensive home renovations like extensions can run upwards of £80,000. This striking difference highlights not only the more affordable nature of landscaping but also its ability to provide a competitive edge in the housing market.

Moreover, evidence suggests that a well-designed garden can foster expedited property sales, drawing buyers’ attention and potentially yielding a higher sale price. Homeowners considering such enhancements can expect that a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing garden does indeed have the capacity to add tangible value to their property.

It is critical to approach landscaping with a balance of creativity and practicality, ensuring that any alterations not only suit the homeowner’s preferences but also appeal to future buyers.

A landscaped garden’s ability to add value to your home is a clear indication that strategic outdoor improvements can yield substantial financial benefits when selling a property. Feel free to contact us in regards to your next renovation project.

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